Yoga for Vets – Four Free Classes

 Yoga for Vets

Yoga for Vets websiteJade Serenity Spa is pleased to offer four free yoga classes to war or conflict veterans that served, or are currently serving, in the United States military.

Yoga For Vets’ mission is straightforward: allow veterans to see the benefits of yoga with four free classes.

Find out first hand the healing effects of yoga for many current and former troops. It reduces their PTSD symptoms, stress and injuries and helps them deal, during and after deployment, with mental and physical challenges.

Call 386-775-0860 for class information.

2 thoughts on “Yoga for Vets – Four Free Classes

  1. Ed Turk

    Do you still offer the yoga for vets program? Is is a seperate class or is it program with your regular classes?

    Thank you,
    Ed Turk
    386 527 2296

  2. Jade Serenity Spa Admin Post author

    Dear Ed,

    Yes we still offer the yoga for vets program. It is a program with our regular classes. You can view the yoga schedule on the class calendar or call the spa at 386-775-0860 for information. We hope to see you. I will ask the manager, Geri, McShane, to call you.

    Thank you for your inquiry,
    Margaret S. Crowther

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